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all packages include a 12-month yearly subscription

Basic Subscription Package:

$100 per month

  • up to 12 office visits per 12-month yearly subscription
  • multiple televisits
  • unlimited texting (please allow 24-48 hours for a return reply)
  • patient portal
  • no copay for yearly annual
  • patient education
  • comprehensive health assessment and counseling
  • OMT treatments
  • in office tests
  • chronic condition monitoring and maintenance
  • acute care
  • an established doctor-patient relationship
  • after-hours availability
  • longer visits (at least 30 minutes)
  • minimal wait

House Call Package:

$175 per month

  • all of above
  • + up to 6 house call/on location visits per 12-month yearly subscription (no house call/on location visit after 8pm)

OMT Only Package:

$200 per month
  • 24 osteopathic treatments per 12-month yearly subscription
  • Multiple televisits
  • Unlimited texting
  • copay waived each visit
  • no medical management beyond OMT treatment

*Fees for additional visits per 12-month subscription will be determined on a case by case basis.
** Membership subscriptions are subject to a one-time, nonrefundable, nonreplenishable enrollment fee.


3-month Trial Subscription: 

$250 per month

  • everything in the basic package included up to 3 office visits per subscription
  • enrollment fee is waived (limit only 3 subscriptions per person per lifetime)
  • copay is waived for yearly annual only
  • continuity of care is halted at the end of each subscription

On Demand Visits:

For non-members (Visit rates are based on each calender year and recycle the following year.)

First Visit: $275
Each Additional Visit: $250

  • First visit is consultation only - no diagnostic assessment will be obtained except for standard vital signs. Any additional tests requested will require at least a second visit at the above rates. There will be no exceptions.
  • Simple acute visits available only to established patients (ie cold/flu symptoms, muscle sprains, etc.) - not available to new patients
  • Established patient defined as previously evaluated by our practice within a three year period
  • Each visit is limited to 30-60 minutes only
  • Each visit is in-office only - no telehealth visits
  • No after-hours availability

Meet and Greet:


We are excited about our practice, and we'll be happy to discuss the benefits of direct primary care medicine and determine if we will be a good fit for you. Make an appointment today to learn more and get a chance to see our office.

Goodwill Package:

$180 per month

Our mission is to help service those in need to the best of our ability. This package allows us to provide standard package services for both you and another qualifying patient who cannot otherwise afford our already low rates. Any beneficiary will receive full standard package services. In appreciation of your generosity, your enrollment fee will be reduced to 50%. This is not a two-for-one deal. Per our discretion, we determine based on prequalificaton criteria who will be the beneficiary. Due to HIPAA (health care privacy) mandates, we cannot disclose the names of the beneficiaries or benefactors.


* We are in the works for a facial cosmetics package. Stay tuned.........

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